We offer a wide range of services for both commercial and residential customers.

Construction Aggregates / Sand and Gravel

  • Garden Center Products - including compost, garden & landscape soil and mulches

  • Playground/Firepit Product

  • 3" Sub Base for Structural Fill - for compacting and under buildings

  • 3/4 Road Mulch - used for road covering

  • Navijack for Cement

  • Quarry/Crush - for driveways, pathways and parking lots​

  • Lot and Clearing

  • Road Building

  • Perimeter Drainage

  • Septic Materials

  • Sand for Play Yards, Fire Pits and Paving Stones

  • Excavating

  • Mobile Crushing Equipment

  • Roller Compacter

  • Road Grader

  • 1 Ton and Tandem Truck Deliveries

  • Truck and Pup

  • Stone Slinger Truck

  • Hiab Truck

  • Hydro Vac Truck

  • Potable Bulk Water Delivery


Road Building
1 Ton Dump Truck Roll Top
Slinger Truck

The slinger truck accurately places product/materials as thin or thick as you would like. It throws a distance of 50 feet. We can place your product in inaccessible locations and over obstacles. It saves individuals hours of back breaking work.

Hiab Truck
Potable Water Truck
Residential Services:


  • Increase your home's value


  • Improve your property


- Foundations


- Drainage


- Driveways


- Garden Paths


Rock Walls

Commercial Services:


  • Managing new developments and a large range of projects.


  • T&R can provide all site preparations including materials and heavy duty equipment needed to ensure the job is done right. We offer skilled labour, heavy duty equipment operators. We can supply sand from our Cranberry Lake Pit and construction aggregates from our West Lake Quarry. We will clear, grade, excavate, take care of erosion control, backfill and finish grading. We can even do final landscaping.


  • Project management including coordinating labour, equipment and materials, managing interactions with clients, consultants, engineers and sub-contractors to complete projects on time and on budget.


  • T&R delivers a wide variety of solutions to allow continuation of developments and the ability to adapt to any project and challenges which may arise.


  • Civil work.


Industrial Services:

  • Road Building-new roads and maintaining old roads


  • Drilling and Blasting (including Engineering) – Site development; blast design, implementation, and monitoring; road construction; piping and equipment installation.


  • Heavy equipment – including excavators; equipment for loading, crushing, screening, washing and transport; equipment repair and parts.


  • Environmental services –environmental protection and rehabilitation; support in dealing with environmental authorities and protecting traditional culture.


  • Barging to outer lying destinations.

blasting before.JPG
blasting after.JPG
Blasting After
Blasting Before