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We are excited to offer our compost-based soils, rich with organic matter and nutrients. They are perfect for your lawn or garden!

Salish Soils Fish Compost is used as our base for all products. Salish Soils is BC Ministry of Environment (MOE) Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR) certified and meets all criteria set out. The compost is lab tested and results are available upon customer request.

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Soil Products Information

Stock supply changes seasonally

T&R is proud to be the local distributor for Salish Soils products in Powell River.

NEW Products from Salish Soils: 

Mixed to Salish Soils specifications

Salish Soil Potting Mix (Bulk and/or Bagged)

Potting Mix is made from a blend of Original Fish Compost, washed filled sand, crusher dust, peat moss, blood meal, bone meal and lime. The Potting Mix covers all your tender seedling needs, and gives young plants a healthy start. Light in texture, this is product is ideal for planter and container growing. Available in bags or bulk seasonally - Spring through Summer.

Original Salish Fish Compost

Salish Soils uses Powell River's Agrimarine certified organic trout and salmon sourced from the Shilhalh and Tla'amin territory to produce Salish Soil's signature compost which is our premium product, a blend of certified organic trout, salmon and forest waste. Cured over a 3 month period and then double screened to perfection, Original Salish Soils Fish Compost is BC MOE OMRR certified and is a supreme organic growing medium for top-dressing your beds. This product feeds your soil in the fall/winter/spring for a healthy and nutrient rich soil. Lab test available to customers upon request.

Raincoast Blend

Salish Soils blend of composted food and garden residuals. This product is best for building up landscaping areas that do not require a high end soil mix. The Raincoast Mix can also be used for hardscaping areas and hardy planting.

Salish Soil Garden Mix

Salish Soils Garden Mix is made up of 70% Original Fish Compost and 30% wash filled sand. Prefect for all NEW flower, veggie, and landscaping beds, this mix is the foundation to successful growing as the sand and peat act to retain/drain moisture. Adding Salish compost in the spring/fall completes the process.  It can be used for all types of plants including vegetables and flowers.

Salish Soil Landscape Mix

Landscape Mix is made up of 50% Original Fish Compost and 50% wash filled sand.  This ratio is ideal for turf and lawn seeding, as well as trees and shrubs. The sand is good for encouraging root growth and is good for drainage.

Salish Soil Raincoast Softscape

Salish Soils Raincoast Softscape can be used for planting shrubs, hedges, trees and flowers. This product should not be used for anything edible as the nutritional content is not high enough.

Potting Mix Information
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Did You Know? Landscaping is a balance between Softscape and Hardscape. Softscape is living and Hardscape is not living. Softscape products are the elements including flowers, plants, tree and shrubs. Hardscape products include gravel - pathways, sand (fire pits), river rock and driveway.

Mushroom Manure

Mushroom manure consists of a basic mix of straw and animal manure. It can be used to mulch around perennials, trees and shrubs and for flowers and vegetables. It should be mixed thoroughly with existing garden soil, or add a small amount to a container and mix well before planting. Mushroom manure is a great addition to garden soil as it enriches the soil, supplies nutrients, and increases the water capacity of existing soil.

Salish Soils Product Uses

Salish Soils Organic Garden Mix

*Trommel Screened


Salish Soils Organic Garden Mix is ideal for all types of plants including vegetables and flowers. It consists of certified organic compost-based matter and nutrients and sand screened to a specific recommendation to provide perfect growing conditions for plants of any kind. It is free draining and weed free. Good soil is the foundation to allow plants to survive and be abundant.


Salish Soils Landscape Mix

*Trommel Screened


Salish Soils Landscape Mix is used for creating new lawn from seed and/or top-dressing or renovating existing lawns. Landscape Mix is a combination of screened sand and compost mixed together to make the perfect growing environment and allowing seeds their best germination opportunity. It is free draining and weed free.


The best time of year to plant new grass is spring or fall.


When preparing to plant your lawn consider these steps:


  • Make sure the area is level

  • Apply Landscape Mix

  • Apply seeds according to directions

  • Lightly rake or roll the area to firm the ground

  • Keep soil moist while the seeds germinate - a must!


When preparing to renovate your lawn:

  • Aerate the area as soil can become compacted.

  • Rake the area to remove debris

  • Top dress with Landscape Mix

  • Seed according to directions

  • Rake lightly and/or roll to firm the seed into the soil

  • Keep moist

T&R Contracting is pleased to partner with Salish Soils to provide top quality gardening products and information. Salish Soils Potting Mix, Fish Compost as well as Raincoast Blend (green waste compost) are made using the Gore System in combination with our our own Block Bay 3/8 screened sand and prepared to Salish Soils specifications. 

For more detailed information see our product use cards.
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What Is Organic Compost?

  • Salish Soils Compost is made using high and low temperature composting phases and is BC MOE OMRR certified.

  • Salish Soils Compost is rich in organic matter and nutrients

  • Salish Soils Compost is weed free


Benefits of Soils using Compost


Healthy soils are a critical component of sustainable living. T&Rs compost-based products:

  • Add nutrients to the soil

  • Improve soil structure, texture and aeration

  • Increase the water-holding capacity of soil

  • Loosen clay soils and help sandy soils retain water

  • Promote soil fertility

  • Stimulate healthy root development

  • Reduce reliance on petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides

  • Reduce the need for irrigation

  • Help retain and filter storm water

  • Control erosion and storm water sediment

  • Reduce weeds naturally when applied as mulch

Don't forget to work your soil!

Mulch Products

Mulch Products

Reduce weeds, enhance growth, and conserve water


Mulch is made from wood being hogged, composted (a natural heat system) and then processed through a screening plant. The heating starts the decay of the wood that will enrich the topsoil that the mulch is mixed with.



  • Shrubs & Trees

  • Trails

  • Flower and vegetable gardens, raised beds

  • Weed control: Prevents weed germination

  • Reduces soil erosion from wind and water

  • Conserves water

  • Insulates soil beneath mulch

  • General landscaping beautification


Mulch is used to reduce weeds, enhance growth, conserve soil moisture, and protect the soil from erosion and compaction while improving landscaping aesthetics. It also reduces landscape maintenance and keeps plants healthy.


Aged Mulch consists of white wood and cedar

Fir Mulch consists solely of fir wood

Cedar Mulch consists solely of cedar


Hog Fuel, which comes from the Norwegian word “hogge” meaning “hacked or chipped”

Limestone Products

Limestone Products


Our limestone products are decorative rock, but they have other benefits: Applying lime to the garden is an old method of improving acidic soils. Adding lime to clay soils makes it easier to work in and promotes improved drainage. Lime can also be used in sandy soils to help better retain water. Lime in the garden has other benefits:


  • Reduces acid soils to a level plants prefer

  • Provides the garden with calcium

  • Promotes good bacteria which helps break down organic materials in the soil. This helps supply nutrients to the garden.


River Rock

Some popular uses for decorative river rock are landscaping and dry river beds. River Rock boulders range in size and colour and can become a focal point of your garden.


Vegetated Wall Systems

Start Building Green
Build a living structure that provides engineered stability, durability and works with the environment. Flex MSE walls are green solutions for permanent earth surfaces.
Flex MSE provides a natural solution when near vertical walls are needed. They are simple to install and very cost effective.
Flex MSE structures are low maintenance, anti-graffiti, storm water friendly, and noise reducing. They also reduce concrete's heat island effect. This makes makes them ideal for many public and private applications.


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