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Landscaping includes both softscaping and hardscaping.

Hardscaping works to create an organized look to your property and is the preparation of the project. It includes excavating and incorporates heavier elements such as driveways, swimming pools, retaining walls, pavers and fountains.

Softscape features can include living features such as grass, trees, shrubs and flowers.
Once the hardscaping elements are installed, softscaping is used to fill in your landscape design.

Different landscaping projects can be completed all year long depending on the scope of work. Call our office to discuss your project so we can create a timeline and resource list.

Yes, we are insured and all of our equipment is insured for working offsite.

We will work with landscape designers, landscape contractors, general contractors or residential customers.

T&R serves Powell River, qathet, and the Sunshine Coast.

Yes, if they are environmentally friendly materials.

3/4 road mulch.

We have a contractor price list for large orders.

Yes.  For larger loads we have a tandem gravel truck, 5 tonne & 1 tonne gravel trucks and a slinger that will deliver. For smaller loads, you can buy as little as 1/2 yard and pick up at our yard located at 4240 Padgett Road, Powell River.

The garden materials are sold by the yard, the quarry materials are sold by their weight.

Our Salish Fish Compost is organic.


Call us for a quote or any questions. We’re happy to help.


We supply all types of aggregate for both residential and commercial projects.


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