Aggregates from our West Lake Quarry and Block Bay pit allows us to directly supply road building, retaining walls, foundations, driveways, walking/biking paths, drainage ditches, rip rap walls, rock pits and more. The production operation uses a stationary crushing plant to process aggregate from raw pit run material into a vast array of products.

Aggregate Delivery and Pickup

T&R can deliver directly to Powell River, qathet and along the Sunshine Coast. If you have projects in the Comox Valley, our sister company Hyland Sand & Gravel can also supply aggregate and sand materials.

All aggregate products are sold in bulk. For small loads please call the office to arrange a pick up time for your order. For large loads, delivery is available Monday to Friday 7 am to 4 pm. Please call to book a delivery.

For all residential, commercial or landscaping projects, call or email our team for recommendations for any projects that require aggregate, hardscaping or landscaping elements.

Aggregate Products

3/4' Clear Granite

3/4″ Clear Granite

A popular granite for pathways leading or anywhere in need of drainage. The name “clear” refers to the absence of a binding agent, meaning less small material to track in on shoes and boots.

3/4 inch minus Granite

3/4″ Minus 

Driveways, decorative capping. Used to improve and renew the overall look of a driveway or pathway previously built with crushed material.

6 inch minus granite

6″ Minus Granite

6″ minus granite is perfect for gravel driveway restoration or installations and more.

3/4 Minus Granite

3/4 Minus 

Pathways and drainage. Similar to 3/4 clear crush, but it includes fines which create a base after the water rinses through it.

3 inch minus granite

3″ Minus Granite

Driveways, walking/biking paths, decorative capping.

6-8 inch clear granite

6″ – 8″ Clear Granite

Fill material where drainage is important; decorative.

Rip rap granite

Rip Rap Granite

Rock walls, rip rap walls and focal points in gardens.

3/4 inch salt and pepper by T&R Contracting

3/4″ Salt and Pepper Rock

Our limestone Salt and Pepper Rock is decorative, but also has other benefits. Adding lime to the garden is an old method of improving acidic soils and improves drainage.

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel

Non-packing round stone good for drainage and pathways.

1 inch round rock

1″ Round Rock

1″ Round Washed Rock is used most often in decorative landscape applications. It can be used to accent the perimeters of gardens and lawn areas.

2 inch round rock

2″ Round Rock 

2″ Round Washed Rock is used most often in decorative landscape applications. It can be used to accent the perimeters of gardens and lawn areas.


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