Increase your home’s value and improve your property and curb side appeal with new landscaping. If your garden needs some TLC, call us to help improve the functionality of your yard and make your outdoor living space an extension of your home. We bring the rocks and trucks to your landscaping design!

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Design and Project Planning

Unique garden design and restoration using plants that thrive in the west coast climate.

We are an evolving landscaping company that focuses on quality landscape installations, garden installs, permaculture and design. You can expect to receive a full range of landscaping services including landscape and garden design, delivery of top soil, turf and mulches as well as the knowledge and the qualified staff to help you achieve your landscaping goals.

We provide our valued clients with landscape design and installation. Our company is deeply committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Services provided include: delivery and installation of garden mulch, topsoil, plants, trees, shrubs, rocks, retaining walls and gravel.

Landscaping Services by T&R Contracting
Landscape services by T&R Contracting

Installation & Excavating

Landscaping Installation

  • Driveway & pathway construction
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden bed construction
  • Land prep and finishing for residential and commercial properties

Construction and Excavating

  • Land clearing
  • Site prep
  • Grading
  • Foundation dig out and back fill
  • New construction services
  • Drainage and remediation


All landscaping and aggregate products are sold in bulk. For small loads please call the office to arrange a pick up time for your order. For large loads, delivery is available Monday to Friday 7 am to 4 pm. Please call 604-485-2234 to book a delivery.

Water Delivery

Potable water delivery for new pool installations and onsite water cisterns.

Selected Projects

Landscaping by T&R Contracting

Rock Landscaping

Rock Wall - Landscaping by T&R Contracting

Rock Wall

Landscaping by T&R Contracting

Yard Landscaping