Through Hyland Precast Ltd., our affiliate company, we can distribute Redi-Rock throughout Vancouver Island, Powell River, qathet, and along the Sunshine Coast including Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish and a wide geographic area in British Columbia. We manufacture and distribute product from our Cumberland, BC precast plant. Delivery is available throughout most of British Columbia.

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Construction uses for Redi-Rock

Redi-Rock Residential by T&R Contracting

Residential projects

Used to create a flat space or retain soil to protect from erosion, Redi-Rock is the perfect option. Designed to work with existing or upgraded landscaping projects this is a way to elevate your curbside appeal and solve tricky landscape problems. Check out this beautiful property utilizing Redi-Rock.

Townsite Brewing by T&R Contracting and Hyland Precast


Redi-Rock walls are ideal for levelling lots to maximize your land use. Many construction companies are utilizing Redi-Rock because with machine installation – instead of manual labour – speeds up projects and is a safer method. More usable land means more parking spots, yard space and building options.

Redi-Rock Municipalities


Redi-Rock superior aesthetics allow municipalities to create a great look throughout their infrastructure projects. Easy installation means that municipalities can use their own crews for installing Redi-Rock walls.

Redi-Rock, by T&R Contracting

Water management systems

Redi-Rock walls help protect shorelines, create space for storm water channels and retention ponds and save neighbourhoods from flooding.

Redi-Rock Highway

Highway and road construction

Improve scheduling and project management, keeping your project on time and on budget. Utilizing Redi-Rock also minimize road closure time frames.

Redi-Rock Bridge

Overpasses and bridges

Wing walls, retaining walls or abutments, leading up to your bridge can be designed and built with Redi-Rock.

What is Redi-Rock?

Redi-Rock is an engineered interlocking retaining wall system designed by engineers. Gravity, reinforced, freestanding, and hybrid walls come together to create optimized solutions. This unique system stacks easily, with a built-in batter and alignment lugs that all but eliminate installation error. The precast concrete blocks are durable, have incredible connection strength with built-in lift points and forklift pockets that make installation a breeze.

  • Architecturally stunning precast concrete
  • Deep natural textures
  • Multiple colouring options
  • Columns & steps
  • Dozens of variations and options available to customize your project
  • Proven engineering and support
  • Tall gravity walls
  • Even taller (40′) MSE walls with the available positive connection system
  • Freestanding walls and force protection barriers

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What is Redi-Rock?