T&R Contracting is pleased to partner with Augustine Soil & Mulch Ltd. and Salish Soils Inc. to provide top quality gardening products.

Pick up or delivery

Products are available for pick up. Our minimum quantity for pick up is 1/2 yard and we can load directly in your truck or trailer. For larger quantities call 604-485-2234 for delivery.

Garden Supply Products

Salish Soils Fish Compost is used as a base product. Salish Soils is BC Ministry of Environment (MOE) Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR) certified and meets all criteria set out. The compost is lab tested and results are available upon customer request.

Augustine Soil & Mulch manufactures and sells a wide variety of bulk topsoil, mulches and bark products to residential and commercial markets.

The compost-based soils are aesthetically pleasing, dark brown in colour, and they ensure the highest nutrient value and optimum growing results.

They are located in Pitt Meadows, BC and carry a large supply of products.

Salish fish compost by T&R Contracting
Fish Compost by T&R Contracting

Benefits of Soil & Mulch

  • Shrubs & trees
  • Trails
  • Enhance plant growth
  • Flower and vegetable gardens, raised beds
  • Weed control: prevents weed germination
  • Reduces soil erosion from wind and water
  • Conserves water
  • Insulates soil beneath mulch
  • General landscaping beautification

Soil & Mulch Products

Mulch is used to reduce weeds, enhance growth, conserve soil moisture, and protect the soil from erosion and compaction while improving landscaping aesthetics. It also reduces landscape maintenance and keeps plants healthy.

Fish compost

Salish Soil Fish Compost

Salish Soil’s signature compost is our premium product, a mix of certified organic trout, salmon and forest waste.

Cured over a 3 month period and then double screened to perfection, Original Salish Soils Fish Compost meets all Organic Matter Recycling Regulations and is a supreme organic growing medium for top-dressing your beds.

This product feeds your soil in the fall/winter/spring for a healthy and nutrient rich soil.

Landscape Mix by T&R Contracting

Garden Mix

Ideal for starting new gardens and flowerbeds. The blended soil is nutrient rich with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur and micronutrients such as iron, boron, copper, chlorine, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, cobalt & nickel. Sand is added for aeration and drainage.

Landscape Mix by T&R Contracting

Landscape Mix

Great for lawns, parks, golf courses & playing fields. Used seed and sod lawns. It is mixed with about 45% sand for drainage and contains soil amender for nutrients. Our landscape mix provides drainage and stability to maintain a consistent level lawn.

Fir Bark Mulch

Fir Bark Mulch

This mulch makes a long lasting cover for all gardens and flowerbeds. It helps to retain soil moisture, stabilize soil temperatures and reduce weeds. It is great for all landscape projects and is comprised of shredded bark of Douglas Fir trees. It is warm, rich red-brown.  

Aged Bark Mulch

Aged Bark Mulch

This mulch is a fine texture to 3/8″ minus. This is ideal for top dressing flower beds and vegetable garden beds. It helps keep plants healthy and reduces landscape maintenance.

Aged Bark Mulch

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is one of the best mulches to use in all landscaping projects. It is a beautiful colour, repels insects and retains moisture.  This is a long lasting mulch, and will not need to be replenished for years,  making it a favorite of avid gardeners and landscapers.

For small residential or large commercial projects, let us know how we can help you plan your outdoor space!