Property and landscape beautification: Preparing your home for a successful sale

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Published On: June 24, 2023/Categories: Landscaping/

The news is that the real estate market is good for home sellers in Powell River. According to Remax The Powell River housing market has witnessed record-setting sales activity and price gains over the past 15 months. In order to maximize your return on your investment, you can beautify your property with a small investment that will increase the value of your home when preparing it to sell by doing a landscape refresh.

Potential buyers often make quick judgments based on the property’s exterior appearance, including the landscape and driveway. Investing time and effort into and landscape refresh and beautifying your property can significantly enhance its curb appeal and attract more potential buyers. In this blog post, we will explore a real-life example of Jim and Gail McCaul, residents in Powell Rivers’ Oakover neighbourhood, who transformed their property within three days, with the help of professional landscaping services led by Kyle at T&R Contracting. Discover how they achieved a refreshed and inviting look that made their home more marketable.

The Challenge: Driveway and landscape refresh and yard cleanup

Jim and Gail McCaul were determined to present their property in the best possible light before putting it on the market. They realized that their driveway and yard required attention and sought professional assistance. Their goal was to create an appealing outdoor space that would capture the attention of potential buyers.

The Solution: Professional landscaping services

To accomplish their vision, Jim and Gail enlisted the expertise of landscape specialists who possessed the necessary equipment and materials. The team arrived equipped with a skid steer, mini excavator, 5-ton truck, tandem roller, and plate tamper. With these tools at their disposal, they were well-prepared to undertake the project efficiently.

Step 1: Gravel strip-out and re-grading
The first task was to strip out the old, worn-out gravel from the driveway and re-grade it to eliminate any low areas. By removing the old material and ensuring a level surface, the team set the foundation for a polished and visually appealing driveway. This step was crucial for achieving a clean and well-maintained look that would impress potential buyers.

Step 2: Yard cleanup and weed removal
In addition to addressing the driveway, the landscaping team focused on cleaning up the yard and removing any unsightly weeds. They meticulously cleared out overgrown areas, ensuring that the pathways and yard were neat and inviting. By eliminating visual clutter and unkempt vegetation, they created a more spacious and welcoming atmosphere.

Step 3: Introducing 3/4″ Minus Granite Gravel
To revitalize the driveway and give it a fresh appearance, the team hauled in new 3/4″ minus granite gravel. This high-quality material was chosen for its durability, stability, and aesthetically pleasing texture. Carefully spreading and packing the gravel, the professionals achieved a smooth and well-defined surface that enhanced the overall visual appeal of the property.


After three days of dedicated work by the landscaping team, Jim and Gail McCaul successfully transformed their property, making it more marketable for potential buyers. The combination of a refreshed driveway and a tidy, weed-free yard significantly enhanced the property’s curb appeal, ensuring a positive first impression. By investing in professional landscaping services and utilizing high-quality materials, the McCauls were able to showcase their property’s full potential.
If you’re planning to put your home on the market, take a cue from Jim and Gail McCaul’s success story. Consult with professional landscape specialists to evaluate your property and discuss the possibilities for beautification. They have the expertise and equipment necessary to bring out the best in your home’s exterior, creating an inviting and visually appealing environment that will entice potential buyers. Reach out to our Landscape Specialists today at c: 604-208-2040 or o: 604-485-2234, and let us help you make a lasting impression!

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