Jayne Fogarty - Sprintime Garden Centre


"The 3/4 round drain rock that I got delivered from T&R really cleaned up my front entrance way - I was treated like I really mattered."


Henderson Elementary School



Henderson Elementary had a renovation upgrade over the last year and we were able to include some garden boxes for children to use for growing vegetables. Unfortunately the boxes were not completed until June 29th, after the children left for the summer. That day, the principal and secretary planted seeds of pumpkin, bean and corn to have something for the fall. We are so pleased with the luxurious growth of these vegetables…. and no weeds using T&R composted garden soil.


Sean - T&R Customer



"We’ve been very happy with the quality of the product and service we’ve been getting from T&R. The plants are all growing nicely and the cedar mulch makes everything look nice!"


Sunny Dawn - T&R Customer



These amazing results are from using the T&R ready to use garden soil.


Rob Stride - T&R Customer



3 boxes constructed from 2 x 10

4 x 12 ft

4 x 14 ft

4 x 16 ft

4 yards of compost enruched garden soil

800 garlic harvested

then late planting of zucchini ,squash and pumpkin great harvest also.

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Ulrike Koleszar - T&R Customer


Barb McCullough- T&R Customer
"I am extremely pleased with the products and service that I get from T & R Contracting. I use a blend of fir mulch and high grade fish compost for all my potting of landscape plants. The owners go out of their way to make sure the mixture is just right according to my needs and the plants absolutely flourish! Highly recommend T & R Contracting for everyone's landscaping projects."


Clark - T&R Customer


Happy T&R Customer! Karen St. James

Tomatoes grown with Fish Compost.


Joyce Carlson - A Beautiful Dry Creek!


Joyce & Dave Percy- T&R Customer
"We would like to thank T&R for their wide variety of landscaping options. In creating our water fall feature we used sand, pea gravel, two different sizes of river rock and salt and pepper stone! Everything was delivered with great service."


Susan Auchterlonie & Ross Zohner- T&R Customers
"As beginning gardeners, we were able to grow all the vegetables and fruit we consumed this summer (and shared a lot with neighbours and family). We attribute most of our success to the soil - it certainly wasn't expected."

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